Sometimes a quilt needs a little bit more.

That’s what I thought about two recent projects.

Liberty Rail Fence is quilted with free motion vines along the colour path. The grey rails had been left unquilted.

I thought some big-stitch hand quilting was needed to give the quilt a final finish.

Liberty Rail Fence looking very relaxed on the sofa

The other project that possibly needed less but now has more:

Kyoto Garden is already very busy being a genuine scrap quilt of various Japanese prints. The centre panel is quilted using orange peel design. I thought it would benefit from silk ties in the centre of each orange.

On the back there are a couple of tiny stitches that anchor the ties.

There was enough quilting to stabilise the quilt. Those open spaces appear big but are actually 3.5″ (9cm) in width. Quite good enough for modern wadding/batting. The red silk exactly matches the red of the sashing and added the extra design feature that helps bring the quilt together.

The ties are only a tiny feature. I believe they add to the total effect of the quilt.

Both these quilts are for sale.