About a year ago, my friend Julie needed a few different Liberty Tana Lawn strips of different values for her quilt Liberty Afloat. I offered her my bag of strips that I use when making impressionist landscape quilts, my Lake Neuchatel series, to see if some were suitable.

Julie did use a few, and added her excess to my bag, so I had more afterwards than before – not what I had planned, though very welcome.

The Lake Neuchatel style of quilt is time consuming and requires concentration. Most of the stitching cannot be started until the order of all the strips is determined. I wanted to use the strips in something easier.

Simple Rail Fence seemed ideal and I completed the top not long after. It sat on my top shelf for a year.

Now you may disagree with me, but I do not count a completed pieced top as a UFO. It is finished, it’s just not a quilt! (In my will, I have stipulated funds to be spent on professionally quilting any finished tops that are on said top shelf.)

Last week I felt inspired to try some simple quilting to try to jump-start my productivity, which has been very low recently.

I’m very partial to this style of quilting. It does not require accuracy and there is plenty of open space that allows adjustment between the top and the backing. The design is continuous in any line or curve or zig-zag and – best of all – does not involve backtrack stitching! It also gives the finished quilt a soft hand; something I consider essential for a quilt that is used on a bed. It’s a sort-of feather, but my name for it is ‘snake vine’. (That’s the name I give to a flowering vine that invades my garden from a neighbour. It grows like a weed and seems infinite!)

The quilt is not 100% Liberty Lawn, the grey dotted rail and the binding are modern quilting cottons.

The backing is another quilting cotton that complements the floral Liberty Lawn very nicely.

Liberty Rail Fence 45″ x 50″

100% cotton top, backing and wadding

I added some extra big-stitch hand quilting later to give this quilt a final finishing touch.

Big stitch hand quilting in the grey rails