Amongst the family that I share Christmas celebrations with, we do not give expensive presents.  The gifts are small tokens of our long relationship.  One member of the family has just started to learn to quilt.  As my Christmas gift, I decorated a bag and added a few of the accoutrements that we quilters need and love.

A local farm produces wonderful spelt flour that I use instead of plain flour.  It is supplied in 1.5kg cotton bags that I keep.  After washing, the label ink has faded giving a vintage look, and the bag becomes a very nicely finished, soft cotton draw-string sac.


I selected a few small scraps of Liberty of London Tana lawn that I Misty-fused together and placed on the sac.  It is all raw edge and spontaneous.


After quite a bit of manoeuvring, I was able to sew the patch onto the sac Japanese ‘boro’ style. Of course, when the Japanese do it, they hand sew.  I am quite happy with the effect created by machine sewing.


With these few extras, I think this makes a welcome gift.

Best wishes to you all for health and happiness in the coming year.