Last year the Quirky Quilters had a small challenge inspired by Treasure Hunt fabric designed by Marcia Derse. Each of us was given a swatch of the fabric to use as inspiration. There were no other conditions of size or style.

My swatch had very few colours, mostly beige and dark grey and a tiny stripe of purple with a design of two crosses. It is the top right of the piece above.

I had recently viewed the film Greyhound and to me the colours connected with the scenes of storms in the North Atlantic. I decided to make a quilt of a storm over the ocean.

Using only fabric from my stash, I created strips of fabric in colours of beige and dark grey to combine for the sky and the rain.

As best I could, I lined up the strips to be parallel.

Cutting and piecing in curves using improv design, the scene steadily came together.

Sky and sea.

Next I inserted two crosses in the bottom right corner.

This was more difficult than I expected. I intended to use an insertion method that works for circular shapes. Until I tried it, I didn’t realise that it is impossible to use a sewing machine to get into the concave corners.

BTW, in case you missed it, this technique is not recommended for concave corners.

I unstitched the crosses, and reconstructed the fabric as best I could using iron-on interfacing. I then inserted crosses using a more traditional two step method.

Crosses inserted. Backing and wadding positioned and ‘rain’ quilted on.

The quilt was trimmed and finished off with a faced edging – my preferred binding for small art quilts. The finished size is 49cm x 70cm to comply with the size requirements of WAQA Challenge (even though I was too late to include it).

Perilous Sea

I displayed the quilt at the March meeting of CQG where Quirky Quilters were presenting. It’s actually not quite finished. I am going to hand quilt some big stitches into the crosses to imitate the design on the original fabric.