During this period of enforced stay-at-home, every quilter I know has made a quilt using only fabric from their stash. Some of them have completed many many more than one! (You know who you are, you over-achievers, you!)

For me though, there has been only one quilt project. I’ve found it very difficult to work consistently during this time, despite so much time available.

It started as a decision to tidy up my work room. I got as far as the first box of fabric that was out of place. When I looked at it, I saw many cut scraps that required sewing together immediately, before any tidying up could be done.

Box of Japanese floral prints

Underneath the larger pieces were many small rectangles and scraps left over from previous projects. Too big to discard, but not good for much. I sewed them together improv style.

Rectangles sewn and roughly positioned

A surrounding sash was needed. A red strip left over from another quilt suited well. It was about 12” wide, so four strips 3” each were cut.

Sashing in place and corner squares cut

Finally a border, using large sections. A fortunate discovery in the pile was 2m of block designs that mostly fitted. Only a few extra large rectangles were needed to surround the centre panel.

Finished top

And now for the quilting . . .