A couple of my friends have made some outstanding quilts experimenting with curved seams, and the Drunkards Path block in particular.

Pat has made an extensive series, creating her own original blocks by nesting different sized Drunkards Path blocks in many varied arrangements. These quilts have been featured in Australian and international quilt exhibitions in 2019 – 2020, including Quilt National 2019! (I’m so impressed!) You can view her quilts on her blog here Fractal Quilts. Well worth a visit.

Susan is the original Quirky Quilter and her blog is here Quirky Quilts. Susan makes award winning quilts for her own pleasure and quilts on commission.

I particularly loved the two modern quilts that she recently completed.

If you are interested in purchasing either of these quilts, then go to Quirky Quilts

The only Drunkards Path quilt that I ever made was early on when I started quilting. It was for the mother of a friend who had recently died. I inserted photos printed on fabric into the blocks. The photos were of various incidents from our adventures together and well before digital photography. At that time, photo-fabric printing was very new and I had to have it done at a photograph shop (remember them?).

Gwen’s Quilt 1

As you can see, it looks very old-fashioned now because of the background creams and tans. The circles are mostly Liberty Lawn – which is of course timeless. Gwen, the mother, liked the quilt very much and asked me to make another similar quilt for the second settee. I think she really did know that it was a big ask and only pretended to believe that I could whip another quilt together no trouble. I was happy to oblige.

Looking at this picture now, I realise that this is not technically Drunkards Path, as there should be only one quarter-circle in each block, and I have two.