For a particular project, I needed to make a smallish, lap-sized quilt with a star theme. The brief was: no new purchases and quick and easy construction.

I decided to use up cream fabrics from my stash as the background with red ‘wonky’ stars as the feature.

The background was very simple. A variety of 4” strips cut in whatever the length available sewn together in pairs, threes or fours, and then cross-cut into 4” strips.

The wonky stars have a 4” square centre with points in a 4” x 8” block before sewing. The stars were a bit more work, but went together pretty easily. There are lots of tutorials on how to make these stars and here is my method.

I placed the stars in an uneven grid to sort-of give the impression of random placement, just like the random stars in the night sky. I briefly flirted with the idea of a Southern Cross placement, but chose to Keep It Simple this time.

Building up the background and star blocks

Final placement

Because my grid was not regularly spaced, there were a few partial seams to manage. Nevertheless it all went together pretty smoothly.

Partial seams required before final assembly

Partial seams

I quilted the background with stars connected with meanders. Not sophisticated, but suited the description quick and easy.

The stars were stitched 1/4” inside the seam lines giving me a chance to practise straight line ruler work.

After binding, the final touch was big-stitch feature hand quilting 1/4” on the outside of the stars. This was a first for me, and I was quite taken with the effect. Of course my stitching needs a lot more practice, but I was pleased with the result.

The backing was not a great choice, but from my stash, so fitted the requirements of no extra purchase.