This quilt was an early effort at a modern improv quilt. It was actually completed quite quickly, but then un-completed.

My definition of improv is a plan but not a pattern.

I had a plan of making four different blocks following a roughly square design where the interior colours flowed beyond the border.

These blocks were not at all ‘ grab some fabric, sew it on, and see how it looks’. I made careful alignment of pieces for each block.

The back is the same fabric as the front background.

I completed the top and quilted it. However, I was not happy with the background quilting around the blocks. So I unpicked the quilting and, because the fabric was distorted, I washed it! (Inconceivable!)

I thought I had totally ruined the quilt – I put it aside but I wasn’t ready to offer it as a dog blanket yet.

This week, I decided to have another go at the quilting. By using a tight (by my skills) stipple, I was able to disguise the damage to the background and more or less straighten the whole thing.

New stipple quilting

Not everything went well. My stippling went over into the binding in a couple of places. Because I re-quilted without removing the binding!

I don’t have any before pictures. That’s because this quilt is older than this blog.

I like it now. I always liked the adventurous colours and the design. Now I even quite like most of the quilting.

37″ x 38″

I’m not sure what I will do with it. It will go back into the cupboard for now.