Wow, now I see the appeal of pre-cuts and quilt kits.

Last week I rediscovered this little charm pack of Denyse Schmidt 2.5″ solids I purchased at the closing-down sale of a quilt shop.

1 precut1

Although I usually design my own quilts, I thought I might as well try out DS Big Charming design though at baby quilt size.

To randomise the pack, which originally came with similar colours together, I dealt them out like a pack of cards and then stacked the deals.

I chain stitched the pieces as they came of the stack, firstly as pairs, then fours, eights and finally 16s.

With four sets of 16, I had used most of the squares. By adding an extra six squares from my own solids, I was able to create a 9 x 9 ¬†colour grid. These were not placed randomly, as I didn’t want the centre to look ‘unrandom’ (which can happen with a truly random pick.

Four pieces of solid cream from my stash went around the grid. All done in an afternoon.

Next afternoon, the quilt top was spray basted and pinned to wadding and backing.

I even got the centre quilted using variagated thread.

Third afternoon, quilting finished and binding attached.

I machine sewed the binding again, using 2 1/8″ strips. This worked out to be just the right width. The binding sewed down evenly and close to the edge, no gaps.

The first corner was not done well, but I got the hang of it for the next three. I will finish off the bad corner by hand sewing.

There are quite a few quilting tails to bury in the quilt, and that pesky corner, but apart from that, it is all done. I’m saving them for hand work at Quirky Quilters next meeting.

And if you think you noticed that the centre coloured grid is off-centre, well – it is. That was planned. Now that it is done, I believe making the panel more definitely off-centre would have been an improvement.

Quilt from start to finish in three not-very-lengthy afternoons! That would be a record for me.