Earlier this year I attended a workshop on quilting in grid patterns presented by quilting guru (and fellow Quirky Quilter) Sheila Pye.

The workshop gave me lots of good ideas and motivation to get on with it. Luckily I had a quilt top finished and just right for practice. I started a couple of weekends after the workshop but was then sidetracked by other events. This week, I really settled down and made sure I completed a panel per day.

Now the quilt is complete, but not without upsets – more on that later.

grid full

This is a reverse single Irish Chain, each section has been quilted using a different grid pattern.

Here are three of my patterns. Clearly I still need to practice a lot more. Nevertheless, I was pleased with my improvement since starting quilting.

One major lesson learned was to be very careful when marking guidelines on a quilt. I always use non-permanent pens. My favourites are:

Frixion – this has many detractors, but is perfect for marking on white and comes in loads of colours. Warning, it will leave a paler shadow on many coloured fabrics, especially silk. The markings are removed by heat, that includes a hair dryer not only an iron. So markings can be removed without affecting the cloth at all, no washing, no ironing.

Blue water-soluble pen – good for marking on all colours except medium blue. It must be washed out so removing the pen marks means the surface of your quilt may be affected. Often, but not always, by the time the cloth is sprayed with water and ironed, there is no visible difference. For my quilt, the surface definitely showed that it had been wet.

So what went wrong?

grid 4a
Permanent grid line

This line remains after repeated soaking with water, stain remover, even Hydrogen Peroxide. This was the first gridline that I marked. I’ve concluded that there was blue ink on my ruler from a previous use when I was marking a foundation piecing template using a Sharpie pen. The water soluble pen picked up enough of the remaining ink to transfer to my quilt. Argh! I will have to use some lateral thinking to resolve this one.

Sheila used my quilt as an example of “what not to do” during a guild presentation. Haha.