For a week I have been travelling around the SW of WA with a friend from Sydney, showing her the sights – particularly the wild Southern Ocean.

Elephant Rocks
Elephant Rocks near Walpole WA

The initial impetus for the excursion was to make the take-down of WA Inspired’s exhibition at Albany.

admiring quilts
‘Whadjuk Noongar Country: Wetlands Glimpses’ exhibition

The same exhibition will be on display at Perth City Library from 21 August to 8 November 2018.

Returning to Perth, I had the opportunity to attend a Tom of Holland workshop on Visible Mending.

I first had to knit a swatch, then destruct it by cutting holes at strategic places, then learnt how to repair the holes using different methods.

Tom of H

The workshop was a lot of fun and seeing Tom’s exquisite repairs was inspirational.

I now feel (sort-of) ready to tackle the daunting repair of this child’s Swedish sweater that was a gift to my niece.

swedish jumper