For the challenge with Quirky Quilters last year, we chose to work with colour in a way that we might not normally choose. The plan was that we each choose a triad of colours and one neutral for our quilt.  A triad is a set of three colours that are equally distributed around the artists colour wheel. The most obvious triad is {red, yellow, blue}. However, there are also combinations between these colours.

I chose, orange-red, yellow-green, and blue-purple and my neutral a pale grey.

fabrics 1
My fabrics for my shoebox

We did not have to stick to one value of our colours, so there could be quite a bit of variation – or not – amongst our fabrics. As I am concentrating on diminishing my stash, I did not purchase any fabric for this challenge. Some of my choices perhaps could have been improved.

I decided to have a simple design of half-square triangles in sizes 3″, 6″ or 9″(finished size) as these will combine easily in a grid. I requested each of the group construct one 12″ x 12″ block. This is my starter block.

start block
My starter block

Generally I like scrap quilts (why use one fabric when you can use twenty?), but this combination turned out to be rather too scrappy.

In December, we each received our completed blocks. I did not get around to working on mine immediately. I received ten blocks in total and I wanted to make my quilt larger, so I made an additional two.

Not all the blocks were HST, so I had to deconstruct some of them to give more cohesion. I guess not everyone read the memo!

My rule is: simple quilting for simple quilts. So a diagonal grid suited me perfectly.

partially quilted
Sandwiched and partially quilted
The back

This quilt, now called Go Dockers, as the colours turned out to be pretty close to our local AFL (Australian football) team is headed for our guild quilt exhibition in May in the Collaborative Quilts section.

Other Quirky Quilters will be submitting much more complex quilts than mine, so it should be a good section. We are hoping for three-out-of-three prizes for the Quirky Quilters again.