On 12 – 13 August I was in Canberra to help my sister celebrate an important birthday. It is a great good fortune that the CQ Exhibition is held on the second weekend in August, so that when I do make the long trek to Canberra to see my sister on her birthday, I also get to see the quilt exhibition (and vice versa).

As usual the display was outstanding with many breath-taking quilts.  I was pleased that the Best of Show title went to a contemporary style quilt. Iggy is quite extraordinary. The winning quilts are on view on the Canberra Quilters website here. I did not take any photos myself, because I forgot to take my camera with me, and my phone (iPhone 2!) is so archaic that the photo quality is not good enough to republish.

My niece did take a picture of me next to a quilt created by my quilting buddy Megan Byrne.  This quilt was in the AQC challenge section – also shown in Melbourne in April.


My niece seems to have a pretty ordinary photo technique with her phone like me.

Another impressive quilt used the raw-edge appliqué style that many of my friends have used recently with excellent results.

angkor wat
Bayon Temple

I entered Improv with Geometry and Weather Warning into this show, and they both won a ribbon. Improv was awarded the blue ribbon, and of course I was delighted, however there were a total of (ahem) four quilts in the Group Quilt category.  Weather Warning was awarded third place in the Art Quilt category. Again I was very pleased, but the biggest thrill was that it SOLD!

WW sold

The Canberra exhibition is unique in Australia, I believe, as quilts are allowed to be sold from the show floor. Nevertheless, it is a fairly unusual occurrence. I’m always excited and proud when a stranger pays hard-earned money for something I’ve created.