Today was the official opening of the stitched and bound 2017 art quilt exhibition.  The logo of the exhibition uses lower case initials, which looks fine as a logo, but looks like a typing error in a sentence.


There was a pleasing crowd for the opening on a damp and miserable winter’s day. The Zig Zag Gallery is quite small, though has wonderful natural light in addition to well-placed spotlights, so the gallery was quite crowded for the speeches.



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The exhibition is juried from digital photographs and entry is only available for residents of Western Australia.  Selection is based on quilts that satisfy one or more of the criteria: innovative, unusual, artistic, using non-traditional materials, thought provoking. No prizes are awarded and the quilts may be for sale. Generally only one piece is selected from each artist though they can submit more than one entry. This exhibition had 36 quilts accepted, the breadth of design and inspiration was quite stunning.  Some pieces were more sculpture than quilt, though they satisfied the definition of at least two layers and sewn together.

When people ask me do I work in series, I answer “Yes I do work in series. My two biggest series are ‘It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time’ and ‘What was I Thinking?’.  This piece is from the latter series. It is really rather silly, but fun, once I had invested many hours into making it, I didn’t want the time wasted, so I soldiered on.



Its title is Four-sided Quilt. And that is what it is, a doll-sized quilt that has four sides.  According to Google, it is a world first.  Of course it might not be, others may have made one but not bothered to put it online.

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