A few years ago, I created a red silk throw quilt Kimono Dragon as a 60th birthday gift to a friend. The quilt was greatly admired by another friend of hers, and now the original recipient has commissioned me to make a similar quilt (though “not as nice”) for her friend.

I was very pleased to do this as I have a lot of red kimono silks and other silks left over from the original quilt.  You know how it is:  you need to collect a variety of shades and patterns for a particular purpose, and before you know it, you have fabric enough for ten quilts.

kimono scraps
Some of my kimono silks, new and vintage

Taking to heart the “not as nice” admonition, I am being less demanding in planning each block for value, pattern and texture.

I’m also testing a new approach, kind of Quilt As You Go in sections.  I’m using the wadding as a foundation and then piecing the sections in a rough log cabin arrangement by the stitch-and-flip method.

The first scraps sewn onto the wadding
block 1
The same block with more pieces (logs)

To break up the log cabin look, I am piecing smaller cuts of silk into larger sections for some of the strips (logs) before adding them to the foundation wadding.


I make some judgement about which colours and values I place adjacently, but I am definitely not stressing about it. This quilt will also have some shades of purple and pink that were not in the original.

Blocks in progress

I’ve yet to try to connect any of these largish blocks.  I think it will be ok, but I’m a tad apprehensive.

Quilts always look better when they are finished, right?