I am making progress, but it is quite slow.

planning 1b

Although many of the strips appear ready-to-go, there are various problems that must be fixed before the blocks can be incorporated.  These are the kind of problems that are automatically fixed when one person is working on the blocks and the quilt – adjustments are made.  Because these strips were made by different quilters and not sewn together, the problems were not so obvious,

Strips that are not straight.

crooked 1b
crooked strip

This strip has been laid flat. You can clearly see the bend in it. I separated some parts into  6″ x 3″ rectangles made them into flying geese.

I sewed the remaining pieces (and others) together to make squares, and then inserted 1″ crosses as a repeat motif from other strips.

crooked 2b
Re-constructed  X blocks

Block scale that doesn’t ‘work’

One strip had interesting shapes and arrangement, but the scale did not fit the rest of the quilt.

phil strip

I separated the blocks and reconstructed two of them into flying geese. I used the no-waste method. Each square block will make four flying geese.

First the rectangle was cut into a square.

Four ‘sky’ squares were cut and sewn into position two by two. After cutting and ironing and more cutting, the geese are revealed.

I liked these new blocks a lot, and made another for a flight of five.

phil 5b