I completed the strip stitching onto the background.

WW ocean
The final section – the ocean

Because almost all the fabrics are silk, the torn strips easily shred a lot of fine threads which behave unpredictably and sometimes detract from the effect of the combined strips. I have been gently removing them as I work.  Here are some of the collected unravelled threads.

WW fluff

I would like to save them for another project, perhaps for felting.  However I have decided to keep fewer bundles of ‘maybe use later’ – they seem so difficult to keep track of where I have stored them.

Next I mounted the design onto wadding and backing.

WW wadding
WW appliqué complete

The tulle goes over the top of it all to hold the strips in place.

WW tulle
Tulle applied over the completed appliqué

The tulle is quilted through all layers. I think you can see that the tulle mutes the colours and suppresses the detail.  The muted colours suit impression of rain/mist but I liked the greater detail and tactile look of the original.

I’ve done my best to keep all the layers heading in the same direction, up and to the left.  I’m not sure if that’s the recommended way, or whether I should have squashed the strips any-old-way.

WW quilting

There are a lot of layers to sew through.