I am well under way with a wall hanging following on from the small sample piece Stormy Weather created early in April.

I designed a seascape looking from North Fremantle west across the Indian Ocean as heavy rain is approaching.  I have seen this view many times as it is quite close to home, but I have never taken a photograph in a storm.  This is an impression of a memory. I have roughly sketched it full sized on graph paper.

WW sketch
My design drawn full-sized on scrap paper

When I was reasonably happy with the sketch, I copied the outline using chalk onto a similarly sized piece of white cotton which will be the background.

The scraps of silk – bought as remnant pieces at a craft show last year for $5 total – were pinned onto the background to audition them for their suitability, then torn into approx 1″ strips.

I quickly realised that colours that I thought would be appropriate for the rain would be better off as sea.

Starting in the top (sky), I sewed strips onto the areas using the designated colours.  To give more interest, I mixed the strips up, not making the sections mono-coloured.

WW 1
Strips of ‘clouds’ being sew onto the background

I found it more difficult than I expected to sew in a straight line while attaching the strips.

Progress so far.

WW 3