I am trying a new technique that I saw on Pintrest from Quilt Routes.  For my first try, I am doing a small piece using the fabrics and style that I intend to use for a much larger piece.

I tore strips of shibori dyed silk, silk lining fabric and silk chiffon about 1″ wide.  I think the tearing is preferable to cutting.  The torn edges create a softer and fuller finish that adds bulk and blends the pieces.

torn strips
Torn strips of silk fabric

The strips are sewn onto a backing fabric in parallel lines according to my design.


Tulle is laid over the top of the piece and quilted into place.

stormy 3b
Stormy Weather 8″ x 11″

Because this was a practice piece I had fun trying different types of quilting.  Instead of binding, I used short facings that were held in place with Vliesofix, not sewn down.  Then I went a bit OTT adding some silver gilt and leaving part of the edges unfinished with strips hanging out.  Overall I was happy with the effect.  My main piece will probably not have the hanging-out bits.