Quirky Quilters is the quilting group that I belong to, with about a dozen members.  Each year we set a round-robin challenge that we call “shoebox” because we exchange fabric and quilts in packages about the size of a shoebox.  Most of us actually use real shoeboxes.

This year’s challenge has just started.  We have decided to push our boundaries by choosing colours that we would not usually combine by using triads from the colour wheel.

I have chosen secondary colours: blue-violet, yellow-green and orange-red. We are allowed one other neutral. Mine is pale grey with small white polka dots.  Our fabrics do not have to be solids, but they tend to be since so many prints are multi-coloured.

SB17 1.b
My shoebox fabrics

Going through my stash, I found quite a few different suitable fabrics though I may have wandered from the true colour match.  One of my own rules for these shoeboxes is ‘no new purchased fabric’ so I will just run with what I have.

We each have a set of instructions for our quilt and we make the starter block.  My instruction are: make half-square triangles in sizes 3″, 6″ or 9″ randomly combined to make a 12″ block (finished size).  Choose two of the colours for most of your pieces and sparingly use the remaining colour and the neutral. Here is my starter block.

SB17 2.b
Shoebox 17 Block #1

I will not be able to show you any updates as we go as we do not get to see our shoebox again until the end of the challenge.

In 2015, before I joined the group, the quilts looked wonderful.  About eight of the Quirky Quilters entered their final quilts in our state guild show QuiltWest 2016 in category 16 Collaborative Quilts.  They were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd! A great effort. The group also won quite a few individual prizes.