If you think it seems like I’m not getting a lot finished at the moment, you’d be right.

I’m also working on a wall hanging that will be included in a National Museum Australia Exhibition at the City of Perth.  There will be about a dozen original quilts created by the members of the art quilt group I am in, WA Inspired Art Quilters.

The quilts represent the times of Fanny Balbuk, an indigenous woman who died about 110 years ago, at the time of white settlement.  I cannot show all that I am working on, but here is a tiny detail.


This type of quilt, that is: representative, appliqué, machine embroidered, is definitely not my usual style, and has not been easy for me at all.  I have spent a lot of hours without a lot to show for it. The quilt is getting there, just as well – the deadline is looming.