A couple of years ago I gave away a few quilts that I really loved but were ‘surplus to my needs’.

Yesterday I had lunch with friends who showed me how they had displayed their quilt.  I thought it looked great and was so pleased to see it in use and on display, not in a cupboard.

aa-bedI intended the quilt to appeal to the sensibilities of both sexes and not be overly ‘pretty’.  The solids are typical Amish colours.  I designed a simple nine-patch square-on-point style using solids – and florals, which I know the Amish would never use.  The flowers are fussy cut from a Kaffe Fasset fabric.

On the back, I used extra pieces I had cut but not used. (It is actually a straight strip, but it doesn’t look like it because I didn’t straighten the quilt up properly for the photo.)


The quilt has beautiful professional custom quilting by Kathy Costall which does not show up in the main picture.  The close-up gives a better idea.


We had a lovely lunch with old friends and altogether was a very happy day for me.